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Who Are We?

Wahoo Enterprises is a family business, which consists of father - Todd, mother - Wanda, and son - Bill.

Wahoo Enterprises started in June 1998 with a lot of head scratching to try to come up with an original name. We wanted something that kind of corresponded to our names, but couldn't think of anything.

Then we took Bill's initials and came up with WAHOO. No, we didn't copy Yahoo in any way, shape, or form.

"Wahoo" is also a fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. We didn't know that until after we picked the name and did a search for "Wahoo" in the various search engines and found it. Quite interesting.

A little bit of background info on us:
Todd is from Ontario originally and has had many jobs over the years, such as cedar mill foreman, baker, manager, and lately, self-employed in the renovation industry. He has had many ideas for Wahoo World and those that are going right now are only the start. He is the instigator when it comes to creation, development, enthusiasm, and determination.

Wanda is from Vancouver, BC originally and has lived throughout the Lower Mainland before moving to Prince George, BC and living there for 15 years. She has had many jobs as well, such as restaurant manager, video store clerk, grocery store clerk, hardware store bookkeeper and clerk, and bookkeeper for many small businesses. She is the researcher, organizer, and backbone of Wahoo Enterprises. Together Todd and Wanda make a powerful team that's unstopable.

Bill is only a teenager but now he helps Wanda in the store. Someday we hope to pass this great business on to him.


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