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Office Supplies

And yet another department of Wahoo Enterprises. Office Supplies. I know it's pretty boring to most people but to me it's a fascination.

I remember as a young child visiting one of my mother's friends' stationery store and I couldn't get enough of all the different things you could buy to do anything with paper! Wow! I was drooling over pens, forms, crayons, markers, and now I can drool everyday because we carry it.

Anyways, enough of my childhood fantasy.

We sell everything and anything you may need to: make a grocery list, write a love letter, sign a cheque, write your school notes on, make out invoices to your clients, mail that love letter in, send a special package to your grandkids, and keep the kids occupied with some markers or crayons.

If you are a small or home based (SOHO) business and always seem to be running out of office supplies, give me a call at (250) 569-0320 or drop by the store for your FREE catalogue with big box store pricing. Shop locally and save!

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