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We carry everything a person would need for fishing from the beginner to the advanced user: rods, reels, neoprene waders, wading boots, vests, u-boats, pontoon boats, fishing line, fly line, lures, hand-tied flies, and everything in between.

And we can sell you a fishing e-license or you can now buy it yourself online here. You don't want to be caught without one nowadays.

If you are looking for a certain lure, fly, rod, reel, or whatever and can't seem to find it yourself, fill in the contact form on the lower left and let me know and I will see if I have it in stock or can get it for you. No shipping charges if you live in McBride and just a small fee if you live elsewhere.

Local Areas To Fish:
LaSalle Lakes (big and little), Shere Lake, Little Lost Lake, Fraser River, Holmes (Beaver) River, Blackwater (McKale) River, Goat River, McGregor River, Heddrick Lake, and many more. Just drop by the store and we will point you in the right direction.

Some of the Manufacturers We Deal With
Gibbs/Nortac Rapala

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Holmes River

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