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Wahoo's Computer & Internet Tips Newsletter - November 2007

In The News This Month...
Hello and welcome to November's newsletter! The weather lately has been winterlike one day and springlike the next. Very confusing, especially to us humans, let alone the animals! I just wanted to mention that it's official. I've signed up on Facebook. It's actually quite addicting. Once you start finding long-lost friends, you find even more long-lost friends and before you know it, you've got a whole entourage of friends. Very cool! Check it out if you haven't already at www.facebook.com

This month I have included 2 articles for you. The first article is called Excel Tip - Make It Stand Out and the second article is called Print Perfect the First Time. Hope you enjoy them!

That's that! Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
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Did You Know...?

Gene Simmons' (from the rock band KISS) real name is Chaim Witz.

Excel Tip - Make It Stand Out

Every once in awhile, we all have data in MS Excel that just needs to be presented with some "oomph." You can combine AutoShapes and text boxes to draw the reader's attention to specific information.

That is, you can put cell data into a text box or AutoShape with a direct reference to the cell. Since you reference the cell, you don't have to retype the information and the cell reference will provide automatic updates as the data changes.

This merge of ideas can be done very easily.

  • First, you need to draw the AutoShape or text box you want to use.

  • Now, with the AutoShape or text box selected, click into the formula bar and type an equal sign (=).

  • At this point, you simply need to click on the cell with the data to display in the AutoShape or text box.

  • Press the Enter key .

The data is now displayed inside the object. From here, it's just a matter of formatting the text.

Print Perfect the First Time

How do you know when the document you're working on is perfect and ready for printing?

You can use the scroll bars to navigate through a large file in the hopes of trying to see if everything is proportioned properly. Or, you can print a document over and over, making small adjustments each time until an entire tree, one ink cartridge and an hour of time have all been exhausted.

There's an easier way to get it right the first time. It's called Print Preview. Preview the file as it will print, before you actually print.

You can access the Print Preview a couple different ways.

The first is through the File menu, Print Preview choice.

The second method is through the Print Preview button , located in the standard toolbar.

Either way, you instantly find yourself in another window where you can see the entire document, as it will be printed.

To take a closer look at things, simply click on the document in the area you would like to inspect and click again to zoom back out.

Many other options exist in this window and are waiting to be explored. When you decide you're done you can choose the Close button at the top and be taken right back to where you came from in the original document.



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