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Wahoo's Computer & Internet Tips Newsletter - November 2005

In The News This Month...
Time sure flies when you're having fun! I can't believe it's almost Halloween! So do any of you dress up for Halloween? I have since our son started trick-or-treating, about 4 years ago. Hubby loves this time of the year because he can dress up too. Last year he was a gorilla, the year before that he was a viking and the year before that he was the devil. I can't tell you what he's going to be this year as it's a surprise. Same with our son. We found him one of his favourite movie characters and he's so excited about Halloween night. I, on the other hand, will be dressed up as a witch, for the 4th year in a row. Last night our son told me I should find something different to go as. But I make a perfect witch! I even got the laugh down pat.

Well, I'm going to cut this short as I've got books to do for a client to get them caught up for the month. If any of you dress up for Halloween this year, take a picture and send them in to Halloween Pics. Have a great weekend!

I have included 2 articles for your reading enjoyment this month. The first article is 2 Common Email Problems and What To Do About Them and the second is an Excel Tip: Quick and Complete Worksheet Copying. Hope you enjoy them!

That's that. Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
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Did You Know...?

Wetaskiwin, Alberta from 1917: "It's against the law to tie a male horse next to a female horse on Main Street." (This city is about 7 hours east of where we live.)

2 Common E-Mail Problems and What To Do About Them by: Marv Ko

When it works well, e-mail can be great. It's hard to beat e-mail for everything from staying in touch with family to requesting information from businesses or other organizations. Want to send the same message to several people? Communicate with someone across the continent? Transmit photos, manuscripts or other information? For speed and efficiency, this virtually instantaneous medium is one of the most convenient features of modern life.

But e-mail is not without problems. If you key in the name of an intended recipient but your message keeps bouncing back, you might not be singing e-mail's praises. Ditto for attachments that won't open or other such nuisances. With just a little patience, though, you can readily overcome most e-mail problems. What follows are 4 common e-mail problems along with solutions for overcoming them.

Problem – Returned Messages

This may be the most frustrating of all e-mail problems. After taking the time to create a message, you click on the “send” button and consider your task accomplished. But the next thing you know, the message pops up in your in-box with a heading that it did not reach its intended recipient.


First, take the simple step of checking to see that the address of your recipient has been entered correctly. This may seem obvious, but sometimes the only thing wrong is a misplaced letter, the use of “com” instead of “net”, or some similar error. If you know the correct address, this is a straightforward matter of double checking each character. If not, you might need to experiment by sending multiple messages, or by entering alternative addresses with slight variations. Under this approach, you simply keep track of which messages are bounced back and compare them with the overall list of addresses you used. If you sent four variations but only three were returned, you have solved the problem by the process of elimination.

Sometimes the source of your problem lies with the recipient. If messages to other addresses go through but fail here, try to contact the intended recipient by other means and report the situation. The cause may range from a temporary problem with the recipient's server to a switch to another e-mail provider, to a full in box. In this case, simply waiting may be the best recourse. Or a phone call or other communication may be required on your part to obtain the correct e-mail address. If all your messages are being returned, you may have a connection problem. See below for more details.

Problem 2 – You Have Lost Your Connection

Sometimes a failure to send or receive e-mail can be traced to a lost connection with your Internet service provider.


If you see a “failure to connect” or “no response” message or have otherwise determined that you have failed to connect, double check to make certain there are no physical problems.

First, check your cables and connections. If you use a dial-up modem, listen to make sure it produces the normal high-pitched dialing sound. If not, the problem could be a loose connection. Locate the phone cord that runs from the back of your computer to the phone jack, and then make sure that each end is plugged in snugly.

If you will don't hear the expected dialing sound, check to make sure your phone cord is undamaged. If it seems worn, replace it with a new one. Other steps include making certain the line is plugged into the right port, and checking the phone jack by plugging the cord into a different jack. If you hear the dialing sound after any of these steps, you have made a successful connection.

Connection problems may be more common with dial-up modems than with broadband connections, but the latter are also dependent on physical connections. A loose wire or poorly connected cable can easily be problematic. Sometimes a glitch occurs that can be best addressed by repeating portions of the initial set-up process. A simple fix touted by Verizon technical service reps for some DSL (digital subscriber line) customers is to disconnect the three lines from the back of the modem and then reconnect them in a specified order. When this action is taken, the online connection is immediately regained.

If you are online but keep getting bumped off, the lost connection can be the result of an unintended software command. In Outlook Express, for example, you will find the command “Hang up when finished.” If the box in front of this phrase is checked, the connection will automatically be severed each time you send or download e-mail. Sometimes a misdirected click of your mouse will cause you to place a check in the box even though you do not realize it. Simply click on the check mark to make it disappear, and the hang-ups will cease.

These 2 common e-mail problems are quite easy to determine and when rectified will make your emailing experience more enjoyable.

About The Author

Marv Ko has many years of experience in business, marketing, security, writing, and varied hobbies. He is the senior editor of http://www.upublish.info Authors wanted!

Should I Shop Online Or Offline? A Shoppers' Guide
  by: Steve Hawker

I went shopping with my wife the other day, to a British city centre nearby. My ordeal lasted ten hours. During many idle moments, I compiled this rough guide for shoppers who are unsure whether to shop online or offline in future.

I decided that shoppers SHOULD shop offline, at a nearby shopping centre, if they:

* Enjoy getting up early, to drive through slow-moving traffic and secure cheap parking places.

* Aren't too worried if their parked cars are scratched or bumped anonymously whilst they're out shopping.

* Thrive outdoors in the British climate, and are impervious to rain, hail, snow, wind, heat, frost, fog etc.

* Welcome walking from shop to shop, to find what they or their partner needs, at the best prices.

* Don't panic when their partner says that s/he wants to try an eighth store for a 'special something'.

* Like driving and/or walking back to stores, if goods are faulty, the wrong size or they forget something.

* View the carrying of heavy plastic bags, which slice into their hands, as a form of exercise.

* See avoiding pickpockets, thieves and robbers as a bit of 'sport' too.

* Tolerate sinister young men with a taste for beer, lurking in boisterous groups on street corners.

* Humour young parents with 4x4 buggies and/or unruly, unrestrained toddlers that scream loudly.

* Think retired people should only go shopping at the weekends and in the evenings, at the same time as people who work.

* Believe wide friends have the right to amble slowly side-by-side, in ways that block pavements and passageways.

* Don't mind being buffeted by other hungry shoppers, also trying to secure tables at eating outlets.

* Shrug-off the astronomic prices in shopping centres, for snacks and drinks of indifferent quality.

* Enjoy dodging cars, vans and lorries, and feel they belong in city centres during shopping hours.

* Think that second-hand cigarette smoke and vehicle fumes add a 'certain something' to shopping.

* Relish sharing strangers' viruses, bacteria, body odours, exotic language, odd habits etc.

* Are tolerant of shop assistants' occasional bad manners, surly behaviour and incompetence.

* Like queuing, smelly toilets and litter, and/or removing dog mess and chewing gum from shoes or buggy wheels.

* Enjoy finding quiet spots in otherwise confined, crowded and claustrophobic public spaces.

* Think graffiti really is an art form, and smile when shop maintenance goes unattended for weeks.

* Shrug their shoulders if shops open only when it's convenient for owners, staff (and politicians).

* Remove carefully the flyers left furtively under their windscreen wipers whilst parked and read them avidly later.

I could go on but, if you identify yourself with most of these phenomena, then you probably should shop at a shopping centre nearby. If, like me though, you find many of them irksome, you might consider shopping online instead next time!

About the Author:

Steve Hawker is a partner at http://www.ehawker.co.uk E-mail him at: info at ehawker.co.uk © Steve Hawker 2005. All rights reserved. This article must be reproduced in its entirity, including this biography.

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