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Wahoo's Computer & Internet Tips Newsletter - May 2005

In The News This Month...
Here in Canada it is the Victoria Day long weekend; the first long weekend of the summer! Over the past 15 years it has rained on this weekend 9 years. So we decided to avoid getting everything, including the family dog, wet and stayed home. I don't think my poor nose can handle the smell of a wet dog all weekend for a little bit of nature. So for those of you staying home this weekend and working in the garden instead (that's nature, right?), I say "good for you for being smart." And for those of you reading this on Tuesday, I ask "can you smell the roses yet?"

On another note, I'm hoping to have the newsletter on our website next month. So in your email you get from us, there will be a link to click on to read the newsletter online. I'm currently in the process of revamping our website and one of my goals is to get all of the newsletters on there so new subscribers can check out past issues and loyal subscribers can find a tip that was interesting but can't remember it.

I have included 2 articles for your reading pleasure this month. Because the start of the camping season is officially started the first one is Family Camping Tips by Anders Yerst and the second one is How to Secure Your Computer by Roy Townsend. Hope you enjoy them!

That's that. Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
Contact me using the Online Contact Form on the left at the bottom.

Did You Know...?

The smallest island in the world - according to the Guiness Book of Records - is Bishop Rock. It lies at the most south - westerly part of the United Kingdom. It is one of 1040 islands around Britian and only has a lighthouse on it. In 1861, the British government set out the parameters for classifying an island. It was decided that if it was inhabited, the size was immaterial. However, if it was uninhabited, it had to be "the summer's pasturage of at least one sheep" - which is about two acres.

Going by the above parameters, most of the 179,584 "islands" around Finland and the almost 200,000 around Canada would not match Indonesia as the country with the most islands. In fact, Indonesia consists only of islands - 13,667 of them, 6000 of which are inhabited.

Family Camping Tips

When I was a child I really enjoyed camping with my dad. We would grab our tent, fishing poles, sleeping bags and head down to the local lake for a weekend of camping. Camping can be a great activity for the entire family to enjoy together. On the other hand it can also become a disaster if you're not prepared or don't know what to expect.

If you are not experienced at camping then it might be best to start with a commercial campground. These campgrounds are often listed in the yellow pages. The costs of these campgrounds is often nominal and they usually have showers, bathrooms, electrical hookups, running water nearby, fire pits and a camp store for any necessities that you may have forgotten. Established commerical campgrounds also often have activities for the entire family including swimming pools, hiking trails, paddle boats and fishing lakes. Although most of these campgrounds are set up for campers they almost always have tent sites as well.

Once you have tried camping at an established campground you may decide you want to rough it out in the woods on your own. To find locations for tent camping you might try doing an internet search on camping.

Regardless of where you decide to go camping it is very important that you car prepared. Here's a list of some things you should consider to make sure that you're prepared for an enjoyable camping trip.

Camping Inventory
1. One of the most important things you will need is a tent. You can find tents in various sizes depending on the number of people in your family.

2. Tent. There is a wide selection of tents available in various sizes from two-person tents to larger family sizes. You may consider getting the children their own tent because they will enjoy having their own space.

3. Flashlight with plenty of extra batteries.

4. Matches. Waterproof if you can get them.

5. Cookware. Cooking on an open fire will probably not be good for your best cookware so you might want to bring older pots and pans or consider buying a camping cookware set. Think ahead about foods that will be easy to cook on a fire.

6. Firewood. If you are not camping at an established campground you may not have access to firewood.

7. First aid kit. It is important to bring a first aid kit stocked with Band-Aids, peroxide, guaze, tape, and burn cream.

8. Drinking water.

9. Trash bags. Whether you go camping at an established campground or in the woods somewhere it is imperative that you leave the area exactly as you found it. If the location does not have trash bins then pick up your trash and take it with you. Don't ruin the experience for the next family.

Camping can be a wonderful activity for the whole family. By taking a little time to prepare for the unexpected you will ensure a great time for your family.

Anders Yerst is the webmaster and owner of Webau Camping an excellent place to find camping links, resources and articles.

How To Secure Your Computer

Computer security has become vital since harmful viruses and annoying spam mail by the dozen are severely affecting the efficiency of PCs. Hackers can log onto your system by breaking your security code and thus getting access to your personal details such as credit card information, official and private communications, etc. It has become sien qua non for all those users concerned about their privacy.

Viruses are the most dangerous of all. They can destroy all hard work that you may have been doing on a computer in a jiffy. It can be worse if some of the information is official or it might be your own information about bank accounts, credit card details, etc.

However, if your system does not have the latest updates, buy them from vendors online or offline. But you cannot let your guard down even after purchasing the software programs. These need to be updated regularly. Take a backup of all your files and store them on a CD or the server of your organization. It might prove useful.

The next on the priority list are the security updates given by the software vendors online. They offer protection from other threats which can strike your computer without prior warning.

Anti-virus software protects your PC from the viruses lurking in the vicinity always. Some PCs nowadays come with this anti-virus software package like Norton Anti-virus, McAfee, Trendmicro, etc. If your PC doesn't have such a provision, you can always buy an anti-virus program from the shop. You can not afford to be lax even after you have these software programs in place. These have to be updated regularly. You need to have a back up for all your files in the event of anything unforeseen happening.

These programs are responsible for all the spam mails you get in your personal email accounts. That is the reason why some people get pop-ups from out of the blue.

Whenever you are buying online with a credit card, use reliable gateways such as VeriSign, PayPal, etc. Use of these gateways ensures that your credit card information is not accessible to any third party.

Finally, to protect children from adult content use software such as NetNanny, Lycos Search Guard, and Parental Controls, etc.

Roy Townsend is the webmaster of Rti Computers Inc. which is an excellent place to find computer links, resources and articles.

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