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Wahoo's Microsoft Tips Newsletter -
May 2004

In The News This Month...
Once again I must apologize for the lateness of May's newsletter. Actually it's exactly a month after April's so technically it's not really late. Right?

Wahoo Enterprises is proud to announce that we have expanded our store once again to bring you 2 new departments: computer hardware and electronics and toys!! We have been working very hard over the past few months with our new supplier to be able to bring you these new departments. We are very excited about this and look forward to helping you out with computer parts and electonics. Next time you are in the neighbourhood, drop by and check it out!

That's that. Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
Contact me using the Online Contact Form on the left at the bottom.

Did You Know...

In downtown Lima, Peru, there is a large brass statue dedicated to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Internet Explorer Tip: Finders Keepers

You have searched high and low for that specific information on a web site, but you don't want to add it to your Favourites because the list is so long it can hardly be considered a "favourites" anymore. What is a person to do?

You can save it as a Web Archive. This little trick lets you save the must-have web page in all its glory without needing to remember the long www.blahblahblah.com. I know what you're thinking. You already know how to save web pages to your computer as html files so why should you save them as web archives?

Saving the page as a Web Page complete (htm, html) file puts the web page plus a large folder on your computer. Usually it takes a while and that darn folder is full of junk that it's just unnecessarily eating up space. Now compare that to the one, simple little file a Web Archive makes. No folders, no junk, just the good stuff. Here's how to do it:

Let's say you're on the web page and you find the one page of information you have been searching for. Go to your browser's menu and choose File, Save As.

A new window pops up and lets you choose where you want to save it, what you want to name it, and how you want to save it. Once you've picked the save location and name, go to the Save As Type pull down menu and choose Web Archive, single file (*.mht), then click the Save button.

That's it. Now, whenever you want to check out that precious info, you just have to open the file you saved.

Hardware Tip: Scanning Resolution

You have a photo and want to scan it but you're not sure what resolution to scan it at. Here's how:

If the photo is just for your computer, email, or the web, then 72 dpi will be just fine. If you scan it too high (600 dpi), you will end up having an image that's way too big to work with, both in height / width and in file size (approx. 10MB!).

If you want to print photos from the scan, then the best rule of thumb is 300 dpi, assuming you want to print a picture that's the same size or smaller than the original.

But what if you have a 3 x 5 picture and you want to enlarge it to a 5 x 7? In that case, you would need to scan it higher than 300 dpi (like 500 or so). Otherwise when you go to enlarge it, you won't maintain the 300 dpi needed for photo quality. Here's how to do it:

At 300 dpi a 3 x 5 picture measures 900 x 1500 pixels. However, a 5 x 7 at 300 dpi is 1500 x 2100 pixels. So, unless you add more pixels to the scan, you aren't going to have enough to enlarge the 3 x 5 to a 5 x 7 and still maintain the 300 dpi resolution.

Now you can do the math and figure out the exact resolution you need to scan at (in this case 420 dpi), but it's usually easier to just guess at a higher, round number (like 500) then re-size it in your imaging software.

Your software may be able to "force" the image to stay at 300 dpi through some kind of dot manipulation, but it isn't the same. Avoid making your image higher resolution through your software whenever you can. It's always better to scan it higher, then reduce it if needed.

Depending on your printer, you may be able to get away with less than 300 dpi. If you have a photo quality printer, you probably can.

You may find that you like the results you get when you scan in a photo at 300 dpi, enlarge it, then print it. Everybody has different eyes so the quality may be good to one person but poor to another. To each their own!


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