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Wahoo's Microsoft Tips Newsletter -
May 2003

In The News This Month...
Happy Victoria Day!

To start off on a bad note, there was a fatal freight train derailment just 9 km west of McBride this past Wednesday at noon. My husband, who works at the cedar post and rail mill just uphill from the derailment, said that a car carrying lumber was engulfed in a 15 foot high wall of flames. My husband and the mill's owner were concerned that the nearby brush fire would spread to the mill so they tried their best to control and put out the fire. They were told to go home at 1:00 a.m. and the fire was later put out by CN workers.

On a better note, our paintball field will be up and running this weekend. On tap next Friday (May 23), will be McBride Forest Industries (MFI) versus TRC Cedar Ltd. (Not really sure if that's the correct team names as the captains each work at one of the mills, but they could have different names. I will correct it, if needed, in next month's issue.) I will post the results and maybe a picture in next month's issue as well.

That's that. Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
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Did You Know...

Giraffes are the only animals born with horns. Both males and females are born with bony knobs on the forehead.

Excel Tip: Freeze Pane Zone

Have you ever been frustrated while working in an Excel worksheet because you were so far down the columns that you no longer could see the column titles? Did you find yourself constantly scrolling up to make sure you were still entering data in the right place?

What Freeze Pane does is keep designated rows and / or columns on the screen so that they're always visible. You can choose to freeze whatever information you need for easy data entry or editing.

You need to decide which rows and / or columns you want continually displayed. Usually it's row or column headings that you want to keep displayed. Once the decision is made, you need to select the cell to the right of the last and just below the last row to be frozen.

For example, if you want to continually display rows 1 -3 then you would select a cell in row 4. If you want to continually display column A then you would select a cell in column B. When you want a combination, you need to select a cell to the right of and below all rows and columns to be frozen.

For example, if you want rows 1 - 3 and columns A and B frozen then you would select cell C4 (C because it's to the right of column B and 4 because it's below row 3.)

Hint: If you want only rows frozen then select a cell in column A. If you want only columns frozen the select the cell in row 1.

Now that you've selected the cell the rest is easy. Go to the Window menu, Freeze Panes choice. That's it. You should now see solid lines running through your sheet showing where the panes are frozen. You should also be able to scroll anywhere in the sheet and still see the selected columns and / or rows.

To reverse the process, you need to go to the Window menu, Unfreeze Panes choice (it's in the same place as Freeze Panes, they switch out as needed.) Unfreeze can be done from anywhere in the worksheet so don't worry about going to a particular cell. Now the solid lines should be removed and the scrolling should be back to normal. Just so you know, this doesn't affect the printed version of the worksheet, just what you're seeing on the screen.

Creating a .LOG File In Notepad

I'm sure that you are familiar with Notepad. Most people think it's not even a word processor but it does have some unique features that make it look fancy. One of them is the .LOG function.

Open up Notepad (Start menu, Programs, Accessories, Notepad) and type:


at the top of a new, blank document.

A log file is just like a journal, in a way. From then on, every time you make an entry in that file, Notepad adds a time and date stamp for you. You'll see the stamp the next time you open the file.

Some find this useful in various cases, such as keeping track of changes you made to something, how many times something happened, or even just keeping a journal.


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