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Wahoo's Computer & Internet Tips Newsletter - June 2005

In The News This Month...
It's finally finished! If you're reading this then that means my 5 week project is finally done! I can't believe it's finally done! I've been working on it in-between working in our store, doing bookkeeping for people, taking care of the family and house and everything else that accompanies life. I also decided at the same time to archive all of the old newsletters going back to March 2002, so that took some extra time. I'm so glad it's done! Now I can start another project - updating my inventory files. Yeah. Kind of boring, isn't it? Oh well, it's got to get done.

Next Friday (July 1) is Canada's birthday. I can't even remember how old Canada is. I think over 125 years. I'll have to count the candles on the cake. So happy Canada Day for all of my Canuck readers! For my American readers Happy Independence Day on July 4!

Summer is officially here and we're expecting to be even busier than last year. Every year seems to be busier for us and this year should be no exception. Make sure you stop in and say "hi" if you're passing through this summer and receive a special gift, just for being a Wahoo Newsletter subscriber.

I have included 2 articles for your reading pleasure this month. Seeing as how it's the wedding season, the first one is Designing Your Own Greeting Cards by Cathy Wilson and the second one is Top Ten Reasons To Market Your Business Online by Tina Valiedi. Hope you enjoy them!

That's that. Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
Contact me using the Online Contact Form on the left at the bottom.

Did You Know...?

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Designing Your Own Greeting Cards

Here are several tips for you to try when you design your own greeting cards.

1. There are many types of cards you can choose from. Design the ones that you need or that sound the most interesting to you. Try birthday, anniversary, cards for children, wedding, sympathy, holiday or get well.

2. The first thing you will need is good paper. You can purchase pre-folded paper or simply buy some card stock and fold it yourself. Using a bone folder will ensure a nice clean fold. Make sure you have envelopes to fit your choice of card.

3. You will need an image on the front of your card design. Choose a sticker or a rubber stamp. Experiment with different colors and designs until you have the image you are looking for. You can layer the image on other paper, or even a combination of paper such as plain and matching
patterned paper, to create an interesting design.

4. Also try using an embellishment for an extra touch and for a unique design instead of a sticker or stamp. These often add a three dimensional effect.

5. Having the appropriate glue is important.  Think carefully about what kind of adhesive you are going to use. For heavier items, the glue is a great tool but it tends to wrinkle your paper.  Try using glue dots and strips on those
gluing tasks.  Consider buying glue sticks that are marked heavy duty because that it tends to dry smooth and clear and can be used on almost any kind of paper.

6. The words should be the next thing you design.  Consider what you want your card to say.  Where is the message going to be?  Do you want it on the inside or the outside of the card?  Rubber stamps, stickers and computer made greetings are wonderful for this.  There are tons of unique fonts out
there that can make each and every one of your cards different.

7. Lay your design out on the card before you attach the different elements. Check to make sure it all fits and that you like the design. Glue everything down and making sure all pieces are secure.

8. Now that the front is finished it is time to begin on the inside of the card.  Try using layering techniques with paper that matches the front of the card.

9. Your card is almost finished. Are you pleased with your design? Are any finishing touches needed such as: colored brads or buttons? If you used a stamp would the design look good colored in?

10. Once fiber has been added both inside and out then you can consider your card to be complete.  Find some matching ribbon, yarn, metallic thread or wire and tie them in a knot.  To make it look good clip off the ends so it looks like you want it to.  Use your glue gun to attach it and your card is finished.

11. The final touch to your design is decorating the envelope to make it coordinate with your card.  Take time to use chalk, markers, stickers and stamps to create a beautiful design on your envelope.  In a short amount of
time you can come up with an envelope made with your own design.

Cathy Wilson is the webmaster of FHG Designs Online which is an excellent place to find design links, resources and articles.

Top Ten Reasons To Market Your Business Online

The Internet. The great leveling medium that makes a small business nearly as accessible as TheBigCorporation.com. But many businesses throw up a site without much thought about the potential impact it can have on their business.

Why should you have a web site? Why should your business be online?

These 10 reasons will give you something to think about...

1. Greater Marketplace Expansion
Boundaries are nonexistent and less restrictive. Making it easier to reach new customer markets both globally and locally.

2. The Internet Is A Great Market Research Tool
Analyze competitors' web sites. Find data and analysis material for new markets. Receive customer feedback. Possibilities are endless.

3. Release Time Sensitive Materials Faster
You can make information available anytime you want. Make changes on your web site instantly. Something you can't do with printed materials.  You can send  last minute sales announcements to your customers.

4. Make Information More Easily Available To Customers And Visitors.
You can post your hours of availability. Put your brochures, catalogs etc. online. You can include a Frequently Asked Questions section. The Internet gives you the ability to add sound and/or video to your site.

5. Ability To Conduct Business 24 Hours
Your web site works 24 hours a day, seven days a week advertising your business.

6. Test New Services And Products
Since you can reach markets faster and quicker, you can test new ideas, try a marketing campaign before rolling it out. You can know where to position your product or service in the marketplace.

7. Extremely Cost Effective
It costs practically nothing to put a web site online. Putting brochures, newsletters, and catalogs online saves a fortune in printing and mailing costs. News Releases and media can be distributed over the Internet quicker and cheaper.  You decrease administrative costs  through online automation. Lower telecommunication cost.

8. Make Connections
It's not what you know but who you know that opens business doors.  Networking online is more time effective than meeting face-to-face.  Online you can meet prospects and business colleagues anytime of the day or night. You can quickly build your reputation and credibility all from the comfort of your home .

9. Your Customers Are Online
Consumers are getting online in record numbers and it increases every year. Online retail sales will grow by almost 25% this year, according to Forrester Research. Keep this in mind... people use the Internet to research their buying decisions.

10. Your Competitors Is Online
The best reason of all to market online! Forget the "I'm a local business" mentality. I guarantee no matter what your business, one of your competitors is successfully using the Internet to market their business.  Over 40 million people used the Internet last year looking for local information.

The Internet is not going away.  How much potential business are you losing by ignoring this powerful marketing tool?

Tina Valiedi is the Marketing Executive for MP Strategies Firm, a company whose breakthrough service unleashes the power of the internet to drive hidden potential clients to your site. For more marketing how to information visit: http://www.mpstrategiesfirm.com

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