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Wahoo's Computer & Internet Tips Newsletter - January 2006

In The News This Month...
Where has the month gone? Last time I checked it was still 2005 and all of a sudden it's 2006! It seems so futuristic, doesn't it? So where are all the flying cars and cities on the moon? I guess I'll never see that in my lifetime. Oh well, one can still dream, right?

So how was everyone's holidays? Good and safe, I hope. Ours was quiet with just the 3 of us. Our son, who will be 9 in a few days, still believes and was so estatic to get Lego Star Wars the Video Game from Santa. That's all he did for 4 days was play that game. He's finished it now and just loved it. I guess Santa knew what he was doing. I cooked the traditional Christmas dinner with a 17 pound turkey, yams, potatoes, carrots, cranberry sauce, etc. I found on the internet a recipe to soak the turkey in a salt bath before roasting it and you know, it was very moist. If you want to know exactly how it was done, contact me using the form on the bottom left and I will send you the recipe.

Now that we are back in the swing of things I have included 2 articles for your reading enjoyment this month. First one is called MP3 Players - How To Choose The Right One by Gillian Todd and the second one is called Blogging For Beginners - Ten Tips by Cathy Gariety. Hope you enjoy them!

That's that. Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
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Did You Know...?

All right, let's not panic. I'll make the money by selling one of my livers. I can get by with one. ~ Homer Simpson

MP3 Players - How To Choose The Right One

The range of mp3 players on the market today is perplexing to say the least but their main benefit is convenience. With the right mp3 player music can be downloaded from CDs or from subscription sites on the internet.

1) So how does the mp3 player work? Basically, mp3 is a method of audio compression that maintains the original quality of the music. Due to the small size of this file, there is a large capacity for storing music.

2) What kind of mp3 players can you choose from? There are two basic types of mp3 player. The first is a flash player, which has no moving parts and is therefore good for people using their player while jogging or in the gym. However, the disadvantage of this is that the memory capacity is quite low. However, this isn't an issue if you only plan to use the mp3 player for short periods of time. The flash model is able to hold about 200 songs and the popular SanDisk mp3 player is available for about $70.

3) The second choice of mp3 player works by holding their memory on a hard drive, much like a computer. This means that the capacity is much higher than the flash models. These can hold 20GB or even higher hard-drive, which should keep even the most impassioned music fan quiet! Its important to note that you are unable to add memory to your mp3 player therefore it is important to get it right now or it could end up costing you more in the long run.

4) The must have mp3 player currently on the market is the Apple iPod. But it is important to shop around and do your research since there are some good deals to be had. This way you can get a bargain since prices may vary greatly depending on where you look. An online price comparison may be a useful way of finding the best prices available at the current time.

5) Its important not to buy a mp3 player on impulse and you should really do some research first. The best way is to get on the internet and read the reviews of other users and guides from the official literature available. This tells you things that you would only know from actually buying and testing the mp3 player.

6) Another feature of mp3 players is their battery life. Some come with a built in battery that need to be recharged whereas others work in standard batteries. In either case it is important to look at how long the batteries will last. If they constantly need to be recharged or replaced then it won't be cheap to run or necessarily very portable. It is also important to work out the battery life for yourself since the time quoted by the manufacturers may not be accurate.

7) One of the main reasons for buying a mp3 player is its ease and convenience of use. However, this is not always the case. Consulting reviews of the mp3 player that you are interested in again can assess this.

8) Finally it is important to make sure you have permission to download and play music since not all players work with all download services. You must also remember that it is illegal to trade mp3's without permission from the song copyright holder.

Gillian Todd is an author at http://www.a1-mp3-players.com .

Blogging For Beginners - Ten Tips

Ready to jump on the blogging band wagon but not sure where to start? Read these tips and get going! Many are giving up their static websites and starting a blog. A mere paragraph with a link is fresh content. How easy is that

=> Blogger.com and Typepad.com offer free blogs and are cost effective for beginners. You'll be able to practice without expense. In addition, blogger offers a toolbar that makes it easy to post right from a webpage while surfing!

=> Give thought to subject matter before you start. Your subject will be the first part of your blog address. An organized blog will keep the interest alive.

=> Keep your personal and business life in separate blogs. Nothing is quite as frustrating as searching for a business related blog and finding unrelated personal posts and vice versa.

=> Write so surfers can scan your copy. Paragraphs separated with subject headlines versus essay style. Paragraphs of three to four sentences are easy to scan.

=> Your keyword is simply your subject. Attempt to use it as the first word in your headline and again in the first sentence in your first paragraph.

=>Try to link within the paragraph to related products or content. An anecdote or quote is a nice finishing touch.

=> Use a font big enough to read. Think of it this way - the boomers are in a position to spend. One day you might want to sell on your blog - what if they can't read it?

=> Blog rolls are a series of links to other interesting blogs. Content would be easier to find if separated by subject matter.

=> As you read other blogs, take note of their style, content and organization. Emulate those you like. What works and what doesn't?

=> Take advantage of technology in your new blog. Practice posting photos, using other methods to post and setting up your sidebars during the first few months.

Copyright 2006 - Cathy Gariety - USA

You may freely distribute this article in electronic form or print if the links, byline and bio remain intact.

Cathy is a nurse, web junkie and aspiring copywriter. Visit her website at http://www.garietygroup.com and her blog at http://learncopywriting.blogspot.com



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