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Wahoo's Computer & Internet Tips Newsletter - December 2007

In The News This Month...
Hello and welcome to December's newsletter! I'm going to keep this month's newsletter short for 2 reasons. One, it's Christmas and two, we just lost a good friend to a car accident and I'm not exactly in the mood to write. I hope you understand.

Also I wanted to mention that this month will be my last month of writing this newsletter. I have been doing this for over 5 years now and it requires a lot of time on my part to put it all together for you. I am just finding it's more of a hindrance than enjoyment so that tells me it's time to quit. I want to thank everyone who has been there since the beginning and those who just recently signed up. It's been great sharing all of these tips with you and I hope you have learned something. I sure have. So anyways, good luck to you and take care.

This month I have included 1 article for you and it is called Wine Gifts - The Perfect Present This Christmas. Hope you enjoy it!

That's that! Thanks for reading!
Wanda Clark
Wahoo Enterprises
820 - 1st Ave., PO Box 946
McBride, BC Canada V0J 2E0
Contact me using the Online Contact Form on the left at the bottom.

Did You Know...?

Clearing up a common misconception, in Greek, X means Christ. That is where the word "X-Mas" comes from. Not because someone took the "Christ" out of Christmas.

Wine Gifts The Perfect Present This Christmas

Not sure what to buy your friends or relatives this Christmas? Well, why not opt for a wine gift? It's a definite crowd pleaser, looks classy and can be bought from the comfort of your armchair, so you simply can't go wrong with it.

Buying wine gifts is easy. Just follow a few handy tips below and you'll have your Christmas shopping sorted in no time.

The simplest piece of advice to remember is that sparkles always go down well. Whether you are buying for your Great Aunt or best mate, for a 50th wedding anniversary or 21st birthday, champagne is always well received. It looks elegant and tastes great.

If you are buying for a range of people and are not sure what to buy for who, you can generally expect that people over the age of 50 will prefer Old World wine, whilst people under the age of 50 are more likely to opt for New World wines.

When buying for your partner or loved one, the best option is to choose something that you are both going to enjoy. Go for a bottle you know you both will love or a mixed case of both of your favourites and you are bound to impress.

If you are looking to make an impact with your wine, why not go for a pre-packaged wine gift? Many wine retailers usually have a range of wine gifts available, which have been carefully prepared for that special occasion. And if you want to go the extra mile, always opt for a wooden gift box. They are a great way of making a bottle of wine look even more perfect, for relatively little extra cost.

Always remember to personalise your gifts with a message. Whether you've opted for a case of wine or something from the gift selection, a short message will make it meaningful for the lucky recipient.

For comfort and stress-free shopping, make sure you buy online. Buying from an online wine retailer will mean that you can complete your gift shopping in the cosy surroundings of your own home without the hustle and bustle of supermarket trolleys, Christmas Shoppers and pushy sales assistants. What's more, unlike traditional retailers, online retailers aren't restricted by space and don't have so many hefty overheads, so it means that they can offer a wider range of products at lower prices.

Finally, make sure your buy early, particularly if you are ordering online. Whilst online retailers will often promise to order within a few days, there's nothing worse than a present arriving late. Make sure you don't disappoint and place your order with a couple of extra days notice, particularly at Christmas, which is always a busy time.

About The Author

Louise Truswell has been working in and writing about the wine industry for a number of years. So now you've got the tips, all that is left is to select the gift. To choose from Virgin Wines' extensive range of wine gifts, visit http://www.virginwines.com/buywinegifts



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