Hello and Welcome To
Wahoo Enterprises!

You are probably wondering what Wahoo Enterprises is all about. What do we do? Do we sell something and if so, what? Are we a bunch of yahoos? Well, I will shed some light on the subject.

We sell fishing tackle, hunting gear, fishing and hunting licenses, camo clothing, some archery supplies and some camping gear in our retail store. But besides that we sell office supplies, computer accessories, and electronics. I know, boring stuff to some but we got to pay the bills somehow when the weather is nasty.

I also provide bookkeeping services and virtual assistant services.

Store front

You can contact us by a number of methods:

820 - 1st Avenue
PO Box 946
McBride, BC V0J 2E0
Phone: (250) 569-0320

You can also find us on Facebook:

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